Romio App

As Lead Designer at the Startup Romio, I got the opportunity to design their IOS mobile app from scratch.
Working on the UX and UI in a team of 5, we launched a first version after only one month.
Download the app:


Zippy - Monopoly for walking

A mobile app that challenges users to walk faster than Google Maps predicted. By winning walking challenges, users start to virtually own streets and districts and can try to beat the "Highscore" of other users for certain distances. Only the current Street Owner can cash in special deals of stores located in that street.



Redesign of responsive website (UX/UI).


UX / Wireframes

Wireframes for a new Daily Deals app, coming soon:


BBOX App offers customizable compartments:
   1_ Tab to customize or order the daily special directly
   2_ Scroll through options of compartments
   3_ Detailed description of origin and allergy related nutrition facts


Rebranding: Simpson-Crawford

 For a showcase we reimagined the former luxury retail store for the present wit the latest retail experiences.